Lawn Aeration & Spiking: Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Sale, Macclesfield, Hyde, Wilmslow, and the surrounding areas.

Lawn Aeration & Spiking Service

Breathing new life into your lawn.

The royal horticultural society recommend that lawns are spiked every 2- 3 years and hollow tine aerated every 3- 4 years.

Why do lawns need aeration?

Soil has a tendency to compact over time due to a combination of footprints and heavy rain – this is a particular problem in our local clay based soils. Once the soil particles have been squeezed together moisture and essential gases struggle to flow freely between the roots and surface. This leads to poor root development and weaker grass.

Our Aeration Services


We create thousands of air holes within your lawn in order to help the grass roots receive oxygen, water and nutrients whilst also releasing their natural gases. This healthy flow through the soil is achieved most efficiently through professional mechanical aeration.  Our machines are difficult to use but they achieve impressive results very quickly!

Hollow tine aeration

This is a similar treatment but we actually remove the thin soil core from each hole which helps to reduce the quantity of troublesome thatch as well as aerating your lawn. Heavy clay soils should be hollow tine aerated every 3 - 4 years and can also be “top dressed” with a mix of sand and loam to maintain good soil ventilation.

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