Lawn Care Treatments & Services in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Sale, Macclesfield, Hyde, Wilmslow, and the surrounding areas.

Lawn care Services

Essential Lawn Care Plan

Our lawn care services are based around 4 treatments per year; spring, summer, autumn and winter.

When to start

We can begin to improve the health and appearance of your lawn at any time of the year by applying the correctly balanced lawn care treatments applicable to the weather and the condition of your lawn.

1. Late Winter Early Spring Lawn Care

What’s happening in your lawn? - This is the season when the ground warms up allowing grass to start growing again.  Weak grass growth at this time will allow weeds and moss to take hold later - healthy grass limits their opportunity to develop.

Our treatment – we combine an application of specialised fertilisers with a herbicide to control common weeds. The key is the correct quantity and mix of nutrients to take advantage of the growing conditions.

2. Early Summer Lawn Care

What’s happening in your lawn? With plenty of warmth and moisture the grass will now have the opportunity to grow and become thick and healthy. However, new airborne weeds will, also be able to land and take root in gaps or sparse areas of grass.

Our treatment – we apply sufficient “slow release” fertiliser to nourish the grass for 10-13 weeks. We change the balance of the nutrients in this feed by increasing phosphorous and potassium and decreasing the nitrogen as the demands of the grass plant changes.  In addition a liquid herbicide is used to control weeds including the more difficult varieties such as speedwell, trefoils and clover.

3. Late Summer Early Autumn Lawn Care

What’s happening in your lawn? This is the time of the year when disease and moss can begin to attack due to warm ground and damp conditions.  Moss is the biggest problem faced by most lawns – especially those on clay soils which have poor surface drainage. (NB. we routinely check for signs of disease on each visit).

Our treatment – We start applying moss control along with our liquid herbicide to control any new weed growth. In addition we use a fertiliser high in potassium and phosphorous for strong root development in readiness for the colder weather.

4. Autumn Winter Lawn Care

What’s happening in your lawn? This is the time of the year when moss and disease can take a hold.

Our treatment – We apply a heavy dose of moss control along with essential trace elements. NB. Because the dead moss plant does not decompose quickly it can still prevent new grass from growing through. Therefore we may also recommend scarification which removes dead moss completely along with the dead thatch in your lawn which is a key cause of moss development. Find  out more>>

In addition to our four seasonal treatments we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with most common lawn problems. Our services also include the following:

Do you have weeds and vegetation growing on driveways, paths or patios?

In addition to controlling lawn weeds we are also licenced to deal with weeds and vegetation around your home and garden.  We do this with safe and professional treatments but do beware of those who do not hold the correct NPTC certificates (PA1/PA6) to carry out this type of work.

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