Lawn Scarification Services for Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Sale, Macclesfield, Hyde, Wilmslow, and the surrounding areas.

Lawn Scarification

Reinvigorate your lawn for the longer term through our mechanical raking and thatch removal.

the Purpose of Scarification

Lawn Thatch Removal: Scarification prunes grass plants en masse to create new shoots. The treatment significantly reduces future development of moss and disease.

What is thatch?

All grass eventually dies to be replaced by new grass plants. The dead stalks lie with other vegetation on the soil surface forming a layer of dead organic material called thatch.

Our lawn scarifying service

We use professional machinery to thoroughly rake the whole lawn. Lawns with heavy thatch and moss will initially look very bare after this treatment. This will be temporary – no pain no gain!  We may recommend some reseeding and surface dressing to help promote new growth.

Why remove thatch?

A small amount of thatch on the soil surface is OK and even provides nutrients for new grass plants. However, excessive thatch causes a spongy lawn surface and acts like blotting paper. The thatch will hold water at the surface during dry spells denying the roots below of much needed moisture. Worse still, in autumn the thatch layer creates humid damp surface conditions in which moss and turf disease actually flourish.

When to have your lawn scarified?

  • Feb-Apr or Sept – Oct (ideally before the warm damp weather which your lawn will need to recover quickly).
  • Scarification also removes dead moss from your lawn so we always schedule this work 1 to 3 weeks after a moss control treatment.

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